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New Breaking Bad Season 5 Poster Revealed: All Hail King Walt (PHOTO)

Breaking Bad Season 4, Walter White told his wife Skyler, “It’s over. We’re safe.” She asked what happened, now that former Southwest drug lord Gus Fring was dead. Walt replied, “I won.”

Well, yes, in a few ways. Walter White was able to simultaneously remove two of the biggest names in the US meth business, and regain the trust and support of his partner, Jesse Pinkman. But he (probably) had to put a child in a hospital to do it. Not to mention the logistical complications. Since Gus was supplying him and Jesse with the chemicals, the million dollar machinery, and the security, Walt and Jesse are back to square one. Where will they go from here?

This new poster for Breaking Bad Season 5 should give us a clue. Walt sits in an enormous warehouse, backed by his meth and his money. The words, “All hail the king” hang above his head, as he gazes with dead eyes ahead. The colors are all familiar: ozone green, the color of money; saccharine blue, the trademark color of his meth; and vomit yellow, the color of an addict’s skin.

How will being King suit the new Walt? And where is Jesse in this picture? We somewhat automatically pledge allegiance to Walt the kingpin, but will showrunner Vince Gilligan’s make good on his promise that the story of Walt is the story of Mr. Chips to Scarface? What if we can’t fall out of love with Walt, no matter how evil he gets?

Walt may be “the danger” that knocks on our door, but we’d still let him in. All hail Season 5!

Breaking Bad Season 5 will premiere on Sunday, July 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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