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True Blood

Russell Edgington’s 7 Best True Blood Quotes of All Time

Who else suffers fainting spells everytime Russell Edgington's handsome face shows up during a True Blood season 5 promo? We couldn't be more excited about the return of our favorite psychotic vampire king –– let's just say he gets our blood pumping!

Check out Russell's seven best quotes of all time, including his infamous weather report.

1. Russell teaches Bill some manners: "You are in my house, Mr. Compton. Put your fangs away!"

What happened to the gentlemanly Hard-Hearted Hannah we used to know and love?

2. Russell eye-rolls at Franklin: "The last time you had any real money, you ended up at the slots in Biloxi, slaughtering a church group of elderly women."

Ahhh, good times.

3. Russell declares his love for Franky: "Franklin, you're a huge freak, but I like your work."

Excuse you, Russell. Franklin was an undiscovered genius.

4. Russell delivers the news: "Mine is the true face of vampire! Why would we seek equal rights? You are not our equals. We will eat you after we eat your children. Now time for the weather. Tiffany?"

Best quote of all time.

5. Russell hits up Fangtasia: "Love the place, love the vibe. We must talk franchising later."

And he hasn't even seen the sex chamber in the basement!

6. Russell threatens Eric: "I'm about to put an end to your insignificant existence. This is not the time to be obscure."

There's nothing insignificant about Eric's existence. Six hours, guys.

7. Russell le sighs: “It's like armageddon in here every time someone chips a dessert glass.”

Who knew Russell was a fan of Ben Affleck?

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