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Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Preview Visit With Daughter Carly in Final Season – Exclusive

After four years of following the ups and downs of Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and fiance Tyler Baltierra it's time to say goodbye.

The final season of Teen Mom premieres June 12, and the first two episodes highlight the couple's continuing emotional struggle with the choice to give up their daughter, Carly, for adoption.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Catelynn and Tyler about the upcoming season, which she calls "super, super intense."

Wetpaint Entertainment: How did you react when you learned this would be the last season of the show?

Catelynn: It was bittersweet for both of us. We’re happy to get our lives back on track again, but we’re definitely going to miss the crew.

Tyler: Yeah, we got really, really close to our crew. People don’t realize there are like seven people behind the cameras. So after three years with them, they became part of our family.

Also, me and Catelynn also feel like our story isn’t over. So that’s kind of what was the bitter part. But we do want to do different things and move on.

One of the two premiere episodes showed you visiting with Carly, and you both got very emotional.

Tyler: This visit was a little different. Last time, she was just a baby, but this time, she was walking and talking …. It was like a totally different little person.

Catelynn: It was like meeting a person all over again, and then having to say goodbye. So we did get really emotional. But me and Tyler are the type of people who, when we get emotional about Carly, we’ll cry for a good 10 minutes and express ourselves, and then we’re totally fine. We just need to let those emotions out to feel better.

Tyler: I think with adoption, you need to make time to grieve. You’re going to be grieving for a very long time, and you just need to allow yourself to process that.

In one of the episodes, Tyler, you mention that it's a constant coping process. Is it something you would say you deal with every day?

Tyler: Honestly, I would say not a daily basis, but you’re constantly coping with the decision you made, you’re constantly reevaluating.

Catelynn: Yeah, because no matter what decision you choose – adoption or parenting – it’s hard. Adoption is a lifelong thing, it doesn’t just end, you don’t just get happy one day. You’re always going to have struggles, like with the adoptive family and earning their trust and them earning our trust, so there’s always something going on.

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Do you find it's weird interacting with Carly's parents, Brandon and Teresa?

Tyler: It never gets weird, but it gets exhausting. It took us three years to find out her last name and her address and that kind of stuff. So there’s little things like that that get difficult.

But we get through it, that’s part of building trust with them. We only want what’s best for her, but we also want Brandon and Teresa to trust us and be willing to let us be involved in more things and know more about her life.

So, there are struggles, but you get through them, though. But then you’ll see her after a year … and it’s like, oh my gosh!

Catelynn: Those are our struggles, but with another teen mom who decides to parent, it’s buying diapers, buying formula, trying to pay bills, so any decision you make, it’s going to be hard.

Do you ever look back and regret going with an open adoption?

Catelynn: Honestly, it would be 10 times harder to not know where she’s at, what family she’s with, what town she lives in … that would have too many unanswered questions, and I feel like I would be 10 times more depressed with myself. Now I know what city she lives in, what color hair she has, what she looks like, how they discipline her, how they interact.

When me and Tyler get pictures, it’s so reassuring, because we see how happy she is.

Tyler: Honestly, I could not imagine doing a close adoption. We would never, ever regret that.

What else is going on for you guys this season? Are your parents still involved?

Catelynn: Yes, there is something with Tyler’s dad that gets very intense and totally out-of-control.

Tyler: Between my dad and her mom.

Catelynn: It is very severe, so that is something that’s a huge thing in our story.

Tyler: And just growing with our adoption is also a huge thing. As far as our parents go, they’re just …

Catelynn: They’re wack. (laughs) But everybody this season — we’re going out with a bang. Everybody’s having huge struggles. Amber is going through the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen, so is Farrah with Derek’s loss. This season is just super, super intense, and very emotional.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview with Catelynn and Tyler, where they talk about their upcoming wedding!

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