Teen Wolf Recap of the Season 2 Premiere, Part 2: Sense Education
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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Recap of the Season 2 Premiere, Part 2: Sense Education

Things got a little Frailty-esque in the second part of Teen Wolf’s Season 2 premiere. In Part 1, we met a gravedigging lacrosse player named Isaac (Daniel Sharman). Now we learn that he has family troubles.

Things start off civilly enough, with Isaac’s dad (John Wesley Shipp) drinking from a tiny cup, which he throws on the floor after saying Isaac needs to be punished. More objects get smashed, and a shard of glass sticks out of Isaac’s face. “Well, that was your fault,” says the bad dad. Isaac looks angry, then his face heals and he runs out the door and tears away on his bike. His father follows in his car. These, we learn, are Jackson’s neighbors.

When his father tracks down Isaac’s bike sans rider in a lonely, rain-soaked alley, he abandons all common sense and gets out of his car. Through droplet-spattered glasses, he sees a crouching form and sprints back to the car. The dark creature — it’s clearly not human — gives chase. After ripping off the door, there are gnawing sounds, and Isaac’s dad’s foot shakes a few times then goes still. Although it was nice to see Dawson Leery’s dad again, we’re actually not so sorry to see him go.

Allison breathes on her car window to reveal a message from Scott, telling her where and when to rendezvous: midnight in the woods. Good meeting time and place, guys. When she gets there, Allison sees a pair of glowing eyes that turn out to be Scott’s. He oh-so subtly asks her about her family, her grandfather to be precise. Aside from the check he sends every year for her birthday, Allison doesn’t know him. Scott says they need to be more careful, but Allison says her family won’t split them apart. Yeah, she definitely doesn’t know her grandfather.

Allison’s parents are having a date night, which involves kidnapping Beacon High School’s Principal Thomas. They can’t fire him, but they can torture him, and Mrs. Argent (Eaddy Mays) fires up Chris’s (JR Bourne) electrocution stick. Uh, kinky?

Meanwhile, Isaac tells Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) about his father, but swears, “It wasn’t me.” Sure, newbie werewolf. Whatever you say.

Scott is all atwitter because he doesn’t feel the same as he did during the last full moon — and he’s having a great time with Allison. (Good, then he has no reason to make out with Lydia [Holland Roden] this time around.) Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) still thinks he’s going to get maimed and wants to lock up his BFF. This time, he’ll use chains. After a comical amount of metal spills from Stiles’s gym locker, Scott’s eyes flash. As he looks around the locker room, he realizes there’s another werewolf in the vicinity. From a few feet away, Isaac looks up.

A slimmed-down Lydia — she lost nine pounds while in what the doctors are calling a fugue state — strolls toward the high school with Allison. After Lydia makes a tactless comment about Allison’s aunt, they head inside. Everyone looks at Lydia, the girl who ran around naked in the woods for two days. “Maybe it’s the nine pounds,” suggests Allison.

At lacrosse practice, Scott tries to literally sniff out the werewolf by running out of the goalie net and tackling his teammates. Meanwhile, Jackson tells photographer boy Matt (Stephen Lunsford) that he wants a camera for lowlit images and that will record all night. It’s Isaac turn to shoot on Scott, and he decides to sit out, so naturally, Scott is suspicious. The police show up just as the two werewolves meet on the field. “Please don’t tell them,” Isaac begs Scott.

Scott eavesdrops on the conversation between Isaac and the police; his father is dead, most likely murdered. Stiles thinks the new werewolf should be locked up overnight, preferably in a holding cell. Scott agrees, saying he can tell Isaac has the urge to kill. The scene cuts to chemistry class, where Scott and Stiles continue to ponder why Derek would bite Isaac. Without a witness or evidence, the new werewolf is unlikely to locked up at the station. They found out from Danny that possible-witness Jackson is talking to Stiles’s dad in the principal’s office, so the dynamic duo get themselves sent there.

Jackson tells the sheriff that Isaac’s dad was beating him. When Stiles’s father wants to know why he didn’t report it, Jackson says he didn’t care. The sheriff ends the conversation in disgust, and the principal comes out to retrieve Stiles and Scott, who are waiting outside his office. Only it’s not Principal Thomas: Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan), Allison’s grandfather, has taken over the job.

Principal Argent reviews the boys’ records. While Scott is a mess academically and a sports star, Stiles has perfect grades but is not exactly a lacrosse standout. Then Allison’s grandfather asks about the breakup between her and Scott, which likely wasn’t a fact found in his files. Once that awkward conversation is finished, old man Argent says he doesn’t want them to think of him as the enemy, so he’ll only give one of them detention. Scott looks at Stiles.

When Lydia tries to thank Jackson for saving her life, he tells her he doesn’t want to get back together and he’s not responsible for her. Just the new and improved Jackson; at least he’s not leaking from his orifices today. Then he gives Lydia some advice: Stay home tonight; it’s a full moon.

Teen Wolf Recap of the Season 2 Premiere, Part 2: Sense Education
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Derek drives up to the school as Isaac is hauled away in a cop car. Scott wants to hire a lawyer to get the werewolf free, but Derek says whatever Jackson said to the police, what’s in the house is worse.

The Argents are strategizing. A pill-popping Grandpa Argent (heart meds? bath salts?) knows Isaac is a werewolf and wants to eliminate the threat. Chris says they’re bordering on genocide, but he admits there’s decent proof a werewolf killed Isaac’s father: the car door was ripped off. Allison lingers outside the study, and her father closes the door on her.

Photog Matt tells Jackson he feels weird giving him his camera; he’s afraid Jackson is trying to make a sex tape with Allison. This guy has bigger cinematic goals than that: He wants to document his own history. This is how super villains in Spider-Man movies start out, right?

Across the street, Scott and Derek are Nancy Drew-ing around Isaac’s house. Scott wants to know why the Alpha thinks Isaac is telling the truth. Derek says he trusts his senses — and not just his sense of smell. Then Derek sends Scott to basement to find a motive using all his senses. Scott lifts the lid on a freezer that has an open padlock. It’s empty except for fingernail marks.

A mysterious deputy exits the Ardents’ study, and grandfather and father call Allison in for a chat about Lydia. Later, she calls Stiles to tell him they were asking questions about Lydia and the bite Peter gave her. The imposter deputy is headed to the station, Allison says. When he hears that the Ardents’ have a wooden box with a picture of wolfsbane carved into it, he realizes they’re planning on killing Isaac.

Back in Isaac’s basement, Derek tells Scott that Isaac wanted power because of how his father was treating him — even if it meant the Ardents would be hunting him. Scott tells Derek he has to stop turning people. Derek reveals that he knows Scott and Allison have been seeing each other on the sly and says her family will figure it out soon enough. “You saw what happens to an Omega,” says Derek, adding that Scott needs to join up with the pack, learn how to his use senses, and control his changes, even on a full moon. When Scott says that it will mean losing Allison, Derek replies that that will happen no matter what. Scott agrees to help Isaac, but he doesn’t want to be part of the pack.

Shirtless Jackson sets up his camera, then looks at nails and teeth, which aren’t werewolf-y yet. The camera is trained on the bed, and he stretches out, waiting for his first transformation.

The faux deputy is having car trouble. When he examines his arrow-filled tire, Allison shoots one into his leg. She calls Stiles, who is headed to the station, and he tells her where to find Scott.

Allison heads to the basement, where Scott is shaking. “Are you sure we have to do this” she asks, after pulling out Stiles’s chains. His canine teeth are out, his eyes glowing. That’s a yes. Allison puts Scott in Isaac’s freezer, and he says he doesn’t want to her hurt her when she hesitates. They kiss, and she closes the lid. Once she’s chained him up tight, he tells her to leave.

After a few minutes of Stiles/Derek banter, the partners in crime head into the sheriff’s station. While Derek uses his pretty face to distract the cop on duty, Stiles sneaks in to find Isaac. The keys he’s looking for are gone, and the bleeding, imposter deputy has limped his way to the station. The phony cop grabs Stiles.

Upstairs in Isaac’s house, Allison hears heaving breaths: hers and someone else’s. Then she sees a dark figure. Scott hears her scream and tries to break out of freezer. Back at the station, Stiles pulls the fire alarm. Both he and the deputy realize werewolf Isaac has broken out of his cell. Then he’s there. Isaac and the fake cop struggle, and the deputy drops the syringe of wolfsbane he’s holding. Derek enters and steps on it. When Isaac goes after Stiles, Derek roars at him. The Beta cowers and turns human. “How did you do that?” Stiles asks. “I’m the Alpha,” Derek answers.

Scott is still beating at the chained freezer in the basement. The figure faces down Allison, who grabs a knife and screams, “Come on.” Though she may have been able to handle things herself, Scott burst through the door. Hanging from the ceiling is a green, lizard-like creature that bounds away. “What the hell was that” asks Allison. That’s what we’d like to know.

Stiles stands alone next to Isaac’s ruined cell. He’s alone except for the incapacitated fake deputy. “Uh, he did it,” Stiles says, nodding at the man when his father arrives.

Jackson wakes up and grabs the camera. After scanning through the footage, his breathing becomes ragged and he heaves the piece of equipment on the ground. His mom calls to him, and he tells her, “Nothing happened. Nothing at all.” On the camera’s playback screen, we see Jackson lying in his bed, still human.

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