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The Bachelor

Why Emily Maynard Says She’s “Stronger” This Time Around, Wasn’t in Right Place on The Bachelor

How many “official” couples have actually stayed together from 16 seasons of The Bachelor and seven completed seasons of The Bachelorette? Here's the official breakdown. It’s a far cry from 100 percent, but like us, Emily Maynard remains optimistic.

Emily's Bachelor 15 relationship ended up in the breakup pile, but she's not discouraged by the low success rate. "There have been 16 seasons of The Bachelor, and I've been on more than 16 dates in my lifetime, so that doesn't mean I'm going to stop dating," Emily tells Zap2it. "I just have to keep trying. I'm not ever going to give up on love until I find the right guy."

This interview was done while she was taping Season 8, so hopefully she did find the right guy by the finale. By then she’ll have gone on way more than 16 dates. She may not have a limit, but there’s only so much we can watch. Still, it sounds like the Emily we're watching isn't the same Emily who was overwhelmed by all the scrutiny — from the tabloids, websites and fans — as The Bachelor played out last year.

"Obviously, that was a huge thing in the back of my head, 'Am I going to be able to go through all of this again?'" Emily tells Zap2it. "I think that maybe I wasn't in the right place last time to be able to deal with everything. It's like you're put in a whirlwind, and your whole life changes in a second. I wasn't prepared for that, and this time, I am. It didn't change me as a person; it actually made me stronger, so I'm not that worried about it."

Let’s hope her Chosen One is currently in the right place to deal with all the attention too. Actually, let’s just hope there is a Chosen One. Don’t pull a Brad Womack 1.0, Em!

Source: Zap2it

06.5.2012 / 04:49 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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