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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Why Roberto Martinez Will Make a Great Bachelor

Do you have a minute? Can you pause in your search for The Bachelor casting page to revel in the reasons you should be searching for the Bachelor casting page in the first place? 'Cause this is kind of the best news ever — Roberto Martinez as the next Bachelor!

Sure, nothing has been confirmed by ABC yet, but when has that ever stopped us from getting worked up into a frenzy? Life & Style says Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky’s ex-fiance will be the Season 17 Bachelor and until another reliable source says “No, that’s not true” we’re running with it — because we want it to be true.

Here are five reasons why.

1. The Bachelor needs some (non-vanilla) flavor
ABC always takes heat for its lack of Bachelor/ette diversity, so if they don’t feel like backing Lamar Hurd’s campaign to be the first black Bachelor, they should tag Roberto in to be the first Latino-American rose-giver. Yeah, some folks really want ABC to go back to casting fresh faces, but you could search the country high and low and be hard-pressed to find a better catch than Hottie Dimples.


2. He's a normal, family-oriented guy
Roberto is an insurance broker at State Farm Farmers Insurance in San Diego. He moved his office from Charleston, S.C. after finding love with Ali on The Bachelorette; Ali had been up in San Francisco and they made a new life together in San Diego. Now Aliberto is no more, but Roberto is still going strong, building ties in his community. He teaches kids how to play baseball and he's always tweeting about sailing, biking or hanging out on the beach. He’s also big on humility and gratitude (Trista Sutter should like him!), talking in his quiet way about feeling blessed and thankful. He's close to his family — even though his parents are in Florida — and we haven't forgotten how adorable it was to see the whole Martinez clan dancing together on his Bachelorette hometown date. The family that Salsa dances together stays together!

3. He doesn’t seem to be angling for further fame
One of the things that made us a wee bit skeptical about this news is how Roberto has made it clear he has no interest in further TV fame. But it’s his love of a normal life — coaching baseball and working in insurance — that helps make him the perfect potential husband. He doesn’t seem to want this as a launchpad for a career in the entertainment industry. Besides, Emily Maynard gave The Bachelorette a hard “no” before changing her mind to “yes,” thanks to The Powers That Be moving some filming to her hometown and changing other things around for her. Roberto kind of seems like a male Emily, so it’s possible that he just negotiated something he was comfortable with.

4. He's drop-dead delicious
Yeah, it’s shallow, but come on. This is a TV show and Roberto is easy on the eyes. On paper, he may sound like the insurance salesman next door — but he sure don’t look like it on screen. That smile! Those dimples! He would make the bachelorettes melt just by grinning at them as the limos pulled up. The romance level would be off the charts — which is exactly what we need after Ben Flajnik’s tepid Season 16. And our toes curl just thinking about his sweet Spanish words to Ali. Speaking of Roberto’s sweet words...

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5. He gives good proposal
He was sweating a lot in Bora Bora, but when it comes to the pure magic of a proposal, nothing can beat Roberto’s words on the Season 6 finale. He had us swooning when he was talking to Ali's mom and we stayed in full swoon through his entire proposal to Ali. This is the kind of thing he said to her: "I want to make you laugh just like this. I want to make you smile. I want to make sure that you wake up every morning for the rest of your life knowing that you’re so, so loved.” It really is a shame that things didn’t work out for Aliberto, but we can't wait to hear what he says to his Bachelor Chosen One.

06.6.2012 / 04:35 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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