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Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick: Gossip Girl Will Have a “Fairy Tale Ending”

Gossip Girl is on hiatus until September, when it returns with its sixth and final season. Sob, it's the end of an era! We'll miss each and every one of Manhattan's glitterati, but we can't imagine life without Chuck (Ed Westwick) and his swaggerific suits. Need we remind you of the time he rocked a red onesie?

Chuck is a total fashionister, but his off-screen alter-ego, Ed Westwick, has a slightly more "rock and roll" vibe — especially when it comes to his body ink. "My favorite tattoo would have to be my American eagle feather on the back of my left arm," he tells Grungy Gentleman. "To me, it sort of represents Native American culture and spirituality, as well as American freedom."

Chuck might not approve of Ed's freedom tats, but one thing they have in common? Shipping Chair! Ed seems pretty convinced that our favorite dream team will get back together during Gossip Girl's final season. "I mean I’m sure they’re going to give it the fairy tale ending the series deserves," he says. "Hopefully, Blair [Leighton Meester] and Chuck will end up together. I would like it to end that way. But as to how, I am not sure how I want to see it happen."

So, what does Ed have up his distressed leather sleeves now that Gossip Girl is coming to a close? "I’m just going to go back to chilling and then preparing to get back to work," he says. "Hopefully I’ll have some big, interesting things to announce really soon."

Fingers crossed that he's coming out with a cologne line. We need to smell like him!

Source: Grungy Gentleman

06.6.2012 / 04:11 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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