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Jane By Design Recap of Season 1, Episode 11: “The Replacement”

When we last left Jane By Design's Jane Quimby, she was smack dab in the middle of two hotties who were both looking to make things a little more permanent.

But like everything in Jane’s two worlds, she was clearly struggling to choose.

The three-month mid-season break left us desperate to see what our favorite tutu-wearing fashionista would do. But on June 5, Jane was back and busier than ever. Since she wasn’t given the opportunity to respond to Billy’s “it’s you” statement at the fashion show, Jane was looking forward to picking him up from juvie.

The not-so-dangerous “bad boy” ended up spending time for his brother’s crime, but absence makes the heart grow fonder! Cue a melodic song filled with teen angst as Billy spends his last few moments behind bars, and Jane drives to pick him up seemingly lost in happy thoughts.

Though they have a joyous reunion filled with hugs and girly squeals (on Jane’s end), something about Billy seems different. He doesn’t want to talk about juvy and avoids any mention of his romantic comments to Jane at the fashion show.

Credit: Erica Dasher/ABC Family Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    

He makes a passive-aggressive comment about Jane dating Jeremy and when she denies any romantic connection, Billy pretends to be indifferent. One thing we can say for the kid, he’s got the brooding punk rock look going for him.

Billy returns to school to find that not only do the other students avoid him like last season’s shoes, but his former girlfriend, LuLu, is dating Jane’s former beau, Nick. When Jane announces that it’s just the two of them once more, Billy’s lackluster agreement has us seriously worried.

If the pressures of her personal life weren’t enough, it seems Jane might be up for India’s job at Donovan Decker. Being a full-time designer would require Jane to quit high school and bank her entire future on this one position, sans diploma or college degree (seems like a smart move in today’s economy).

Guidance counselor and Quimby enthusiast Rita Shaw isn’t pleased with Jane’s performance and her snooping puts Ben in an awkward position. Rita goes from walking around the Quimbys' house in an oversized T-shirt (that’s a drafty walk of shame) to threatening Jane’s “internship” at school.

And when Jane has to rush to Gray’s aide, Ben is forced to lie to Rita to save Jane’s job. Jane’s working double time to impress Gray, but it seems all that work’s for nothing when Gray’s cute nephew Eli shows up to interview for India’s position.

Though Gray claims Jane’s still in the running, our young ladder-climbing chic chick needs some convincing and there’s nothing like a sexy British accent to help ease the burden. Jeremy assures Jane that no one is more qualified, and we learn that Jane turned him down at the fashion show mainly because of her feelings for Billy.

Credit: Erica Dasher/ABC Family Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    

Despite Jeremy’s confidence, Jane publicly turns down the job, and we looked away in shame as Gray tells her she wasn’t being offered the position. Eli accepts, which means that not only does Donovan Decker have a new designer, but Jane now has another hottie to add to her love quadrangle.

Jane barely has a moment to blush as Billy rushes her home, Ferris-Bueller-style, so Jane can be in bed “sick” when Rita comes in to check on her. They make it back in time, and it seems Billy has appreciated Jane turning down the job to stay in high school with him.

Just as things seem to get back to normal Jane confronts Billy once more about his “it’s you” comments from the fashion show. Billy pauses before saying that Jane is his best friend and nothing will get in the way of that [pause as ABC Family viewers collectively roll their eyes].

Just when we think things couldn’t get any more complicated for the youngest Quimby we discover that the major buyer from Harrods in India — you know the girl who was wrongfully fired because of Jane. Whoops!

Tune in next week to see if Billy and Jane will ever grow up and get together! Did you like the Jane By Design premiere? Comment below!

06.6.2012 / 08:02 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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