OMG Report: Roberto Martinez Is the Next Bachelor
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The Bachelor

OMG Report: Roberto Martinez Is the Next Bachelor

Can it be true? Can Hottie Dimples really be enlisting for rose duty? It seems like way too early a call, but Life & Style — which has a history of being right on stuff like this — said Roberto Martinez, Ali Fedotowsky’s ex-fiance from The Bachelorette Season 6, will be the Season 17 Bachelor.

"He's already signed the contract," a production insider tells Life & Style. "They chose him because he's very likable.” Well, that’s true enough. However, the insider also claims, "in the back of Roberto's mind, I'm sure there's some enjoyment in getting revenge on Ali."

OMG Report: Roberto Martinez Is the Next Bachelor
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That last part does not sound like Roberto. He never said one word bad word about Ali — or much of anything at all after their split last fall — and we’d be surprised to hear of any grudges held on either side. But, we're confused; Roberto has never been a fan of the limelight. Wasn’t that always one of the issues between Ali and Roberto — that she wanted to continue a career in entertainment (she has a new TV show right now), while he wanted to live a quiet life in San Diego as an insurance salesman? Did the show pull an Emily Maynard — twisting his arm with incentives like shooting in his town and doing whatever else he might want?

Don’t get us wrong, Hottie Dimples was always (tops!) on our list of favorite choices to be the next Bachelor, but shooting won’t start until this fall and there’s a lot that can happen in the meantime. One of Emily’s rejected Bachelorette guys could get tapped for the gig, or maybe someone from Bachelor Pad Season 3. After all, ABC is still airing that "Do you want to be the next Bachelor?" ad at the end of every Bachelorette episode. Still, we’re cautiously optimistic about this insanely en fuego news.

Source: Life & Style

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