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Jersey Shore

Red Cup Alert! Is Deena Nicole Drinking on the Job at the Shore Store? (PHOTO)

We all remember the days of Jersey Shore Season 4 when Snooki and Deena Nicole would join forces and get wastey-pants during work in Florence, but now that Meatball #1 has become Mommy #1, Deena's left in the dust for some solo drinking adventures.

The lethargic-looking Jersey Shore star was seen heading to work at the Shore Store in Seaside Heights, NJ yesterday (June 5), clutching a red cup and looking like she was just hit by a truck, or hit by an aggressive man at a Seaside bar — ouch, too soon, Snooks?

Though we're sure the mysterious beverage is just water (we can't really see homegirl Deena having the [meat]balls to bring an open drink into the "office"), it looks to us like she's still a bit tipsy from the night before. Just a hunch! Let us know what you guys think in the comments.

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