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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Spoilers: Juicy Details About Russell Edgington’s New Boyfriend

Russell Edgington may have gone over the edge back at the end of True Blood season 3, but come one, the guy was in mourning! (RIP Talbot)

Now that Russell's been freed from his parking lot prison, he's single and ready to mingle!

So what kind of looney-tunes guy would want to be with Russell? Denis O'Hare gives TV Guide the scoop on his new love interest, who is not the one who dug Russell up!

"He's taller than I am, but he's not as good a dresser," he teas.

"On hair terms, we're on par, neck and neck because I wear a wig, of course, but his hair is pretty rockin'. I think I still win on the hair thing."

Sharing good hair really is very important in any blossoming romance!

Source: TV Guide

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