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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Will Adrian and Grace Become a Couple on Secret Life?

Grace and Adrian's Secret Life smooch is all anyone at Grant High can talk about, probably because it was one part sexy, one part adorable!

Even though both these ladies insist they aren't attracted to each other, we think they'd be a pretty cute couple — despite the fact that Grace seems to think being a lesbian consists of dressing in combat boots, cut-off denim vests and trucker hats.

None of the main teenager characters on Secret Life are gay, and we think it's about time a lesbian relationship was introduced into the mix. After all, many high school students struggle with their sexuality and Grace + Adrian's sexy time would be a great way to show TV viewers that being gay is no different than being straight!

What's the word, Secret Lifers? Should Grace and Adrian become a real couple, or was their sexy lip-lock a one-off?