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Wordnik Explains the New Slang in Season 5 of Mad Men

Hasn’t this just been the most bitchin’ series of Mad Men ever? Season 5 has been full of dramatic cultural changes for our favorite mad men and women, and our friends at Wordnik have picked up on the new slang that our characters are spitting. Check out a sample below.

Peggy [holding up Michael’s work]: “Have I lost my sense of smell or is this good?”
Stan [laughs]: “That’s bitchin’.”
Episode: “Tea Leaves,” April 1, 2012
Bitchin’ is slang for “excellent; first-rate,” and originated as "teen/surfer slang" in the 1950s. The word apparently plays on the verb sense of bitch, to complain, “in some inverted sense.”

Megan [to Don]: “You're so square, you've got corners.”
Episode: “Tea Leaves,” April 1, 2012
Square is slang for “a person who is regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends.” The word originated around 1300, says Online Etymology Dictionary, and came to mean “honest, fair,” in the 1560s; “straight, direct” around 1804; and “old-fashioned” in 1944 as “U.S. jazz slang, said to be from shape of a conductor's hand gestures in a regular four-beat rhythm.” Squaresville originated around 1956.
A 1771 word, square-toes, has a similar meaning to square: “a precise, formal, old-fashioned personage,” from “a style of shoes then fallen from fashion.”

Roger [to Lane]: “A little bird told me you had an RFP from Jaguar.”
Episode: “Signal 30,” April 15, 2012
RFP stands for request for proposal, which “is issued at an early stage in a procurement process, where an invitation is presented for suppliers, often through a bidding process, to submit a
proposal on a specific commodity or service.” Part of that proposal may be an SOW, or statement of work.

Check out all the words from Mad Men on Wordnik’s blog.

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