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The Bachelorette

Ashley Hebert’s Bachelorette Blog: Doug Needs to Chill — and So Does Jef’s Hair (PS: She Hates Ryan)

Former Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, is Emily Maynard's biggest fan-girl, and she has pretty strong opinions about Em's crop of suitors.

Check out Ashley's thoughts on this week's vacation to Bermuda (Bahama, c'mon crazy mama!), where Emily went on a romantic date with Doug, made out with Arie, eye-rolled at Ryan, and cuddled with Jef!

On Emily's Date With Doug: "There's a part of me that feels that Doug may be using self-deprecation as a means of coping with the pressure. This type of behavior has been known to relieve tension, so perhaps he let his nerves get the best of him. I was also surprised to hear Doug lash out at a few of the guys right before his date with Emily. It seems to me that he's taking himself a bit too seriously. I like and respect Doug for all he's been through, and all he stands for, but here's a word of advice for Doug: chill."

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On Arie's Obsession With Kissing: "He is attentive, makes her feel comfortable, seems genuine, and shows her that he likes her! Did you see the way he brushed her hair from across her face? Come on Arie. You're killing us here! He is the only guy that kisses her like he means it. These two can kiss."

On Jef's Crazy/Beautiful Hair:
"I really think Jef is great, but he had a few not-so-shining moments on this one-on-one. First off, the Bermudian breeze is not great for Jef's hair, there is one moment I thought it look as if he was wearing a toupee. AHH! His conversation was a bit stagnant, and it seemed as if he was either overly nervous, or not interested. It's probably the former, but it still made me throw stuff at my TV."

On Ryan's Word Vomit:
"I've dealt with guys like this in the past, we all have! He doesn't get 100% of her attention, so he goes from 100 to zero. Ryan thinks he is casting for The Bachelor. Ugh. Someone send this guy back to the zoo with all the other animals! ;P"

Sounds like Ashley is Team Arie (join the club), but she says Jef "seems like a slow-burn type of relationship." True that, Ash! Our fire for Jef will never burn out.

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06.7.2012 / 03:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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