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Natalie Getz: Ryan Bowers is the Biggest Loser On The Bachelorette EVER — Exclusive

Bachelor alum Natalie Getz and Ashley Spivey took no mercy on Emily Maynard’s suitors when talking about The Bachelorette Episode 4 on Natalie’s webshow, Gossip With Getz on this week. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the ladies before the taping to get the inside scoop!

So what do they think about Ryan Bowers and why is Emily keeping him around? According to Ashley,

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I think Emily is keeping him around because she had such a great initial feeling about him and she wants to reignite that — but I don't think that's gonna happen ... If Ryan ever talked down to me like that I would kick him where the sun don't shine. Chauvinism isn't going to get you very far, honey.

He is definitely not making himself look like any sort of catch. Natalie thinks, “Ryan is sticking around because at the end of the day it's a TV show and he is making great TV,” but she scathes, “He is the biggest loser I have ever seen on this show.....EVER.” Ouch.

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Okay, so we really don’t like Ryan, but we love Arie Luyendyk, Jr.. Ashley says, “At this point, it does seem like she will pick Arie because their chemistry is palpable! I need to see more one-on-one time though!” It’s definitely no secret that he is a front runner and a completely loveable, good guy — and Natalie agrees he should be the last man standing; “I definitely think Arie is the one for Emily. Despite rumors she picks Jef, I think Arie and Emily have ridiculous chemistry and he is a good guy.” Wait — rewind. She might pick Jef over Arie? We’ll have to see it to believe it!

Who are Natalie and Ashley’s top picks? “So far I'm loving Arie, Jef, and Sean because they seem to be the only three that spark Emily's interest,” says Ashley. As for Natalie,

My favorites were Doug and Arie until last night.....Now it's just Arie. There are some sweet guys there and all, but none that I think are that great aside from Arie! Doug messed up by being such a little bitch [Monday] night.

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Despite who Emily will end up choosing, the ladies think she’s doing a great job. Natalie is surprised she’s enjoying watching Emily as the keeper of the roses, admitting, “I thought she would be boring, only because she is so normal and a single mom. But, she is sure giving us a good show with her steamy make out sessions and ‘take no shit’ attitude!” Ashley adds, “She is beautiful, kind, and can bring the attitude when it's important!” Now if she’d only dish it out to Ryan...

For more with Natalie and Ashley, along with Jackie Gordon and Dave Good, check out the episode on TheTVSpot!

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