Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

“I’ll Show Someone My Boobs” Quotes From Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Premiere

Pretty Little Liars proves that anyone can lie, but it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 3, Episode 1: “It Happened ‘That Night’,” including Hanna setting some ground rules for her mom.

10. Hanna: “I need an aspirin and a trough of water.”
Frankly, we prefer bottled water to trough water, but to each his own.

9. Aria [about Ezra’s name]: “And my dad pretends like he can’t hear, but his neck gets all red, and then his face pinches up like he’s constipated.”
Spencer: “So basically Ezra is like Lord Voldemort.”
The English Teacher Who Must Not Be Named.

8. Emily [to Aria, about drinking]: “You’re a pixie I’ve gotten really good at this.”
We don’t think “high tolerance for alcohol” is something you can put on your resume, Em.

7. Aria [about Ulysses]: “You still haven’t finished that book?”
Ezra: “No one has.”
Stop making excuses and buckle down, buddy.

6. Spencer [to Aria, about Mona]: “She can’t hurt us anymore bitch crazy.”
Hanna: “Don’t worry, Aria. Someday we will all have jubilation.”
Uh, have Hanna and Spencer switched bodies like in Freaky Friday?

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

5. Hanna: “And in poor countries, one home is like a home for 50.”
Hanna’s vocabulary is as impressive as her knowledge of city planning.

4. Spencer: “Melissa is a Hastings we bounce back like superballs.”
Melissa also resembles a superball in that she’s liable to smack you in the face if you aren’t careful.

3. Hanna [about the internship]: “I changed my mind. Turns out they want you to work for free.”
Hanna may have expanded her vocab, but she has yet to learn the word “intern.”

2. Emily: “Or I’ll show someone my boobs, and we’ll be news again.”
How to know when you’ve had enough to drink: You say something like this.

1. Hanna [to her mom]: “You’re allowed to date, but you’re not ‘open for business.’”
Yet more proof that the Marin women do not have a typical mother-daughter relationship.

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