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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita Reveals the Truth About Gia Giudice’s Field Day Meltdown and More – Exclusive

So far, on Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we’ve watched Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita’s friendship slowly crumble before our eyes.

When we caught up with Jacqueline exclusively at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala at The Museum of Natural History in New York City on June 4, Jacqueline gave us the true story behind Gia Giudice’s field day tantrum, weighed in on Joe Giudice’s recent controversial comments, and much more!

Wetpaint Entertainment: When Joe Giudice insulted Greg, was it as awkward in person as it looked on TV?

Jacqueline Laurita: It was very awkward, and my husband was not laughing with him. He actually covered his face [because] he was so embarrassed for him. He knows Joe, and he knows he says awkward things sometimes and he was like, "Oh my god I can’t believe he said that out loud." He was kind of taken aback.

I think, in Joe’s way, he was trying in that moment it was a slip-up but when he was talking to him [Greg] in the house that was his way of trying to relate to him. I think he was trying in his way to relate to him. I have mixed feelings on it, that comment was a little bit off for me.

Did it strike you as something malicious, or was there something else going on?

He just has a bad choice of words sometimes.

Much has been said about Gia’s field day freak-out. Do you regret how that was handled?

I love Gia, I would never purposely try to hurt Gia. You see me hug her in the scene, I’m the first one to go to her aid. She was crying in the corner and what I was worried about was the cameras on her, filming her having this tantrum. They didn’t show all of it, thank god.

I was trying to do everything I could to get her to come out and join us. I did have the boy that you saw there go get her mom. When she wanted her mom I told him, "Go get Teresa," so he did go get Teresa in the end.

The book — she was kind of settling down at that time — and I had the book. I used to read those! But I did feel horrible after. I was like, this wasn’t the appropriate time to be doing this. But we’re like family, she’s talked to my kids before, I talk to her kids.I was mostly trying to get her [Gia] to snap out of it and come join us.

Even after that I apologized, I hug her, I give her the cheese. I really would never, ever attack a child, children are my love. I was not trying to belittle [Gia], but Teresa has a way of spinning things.

I’ve always loved Gia no matter what. Just because you don't like the child’s behavior it doesn’t mean you don’t like the child. That’s silly.

Yet when she spoke to the cameras, Teresa took a dig at you and Ashlee. How did that make you feel?

Right, she made a dig at my daughter! That’s why I took such a strong point in my blog because I was like, "you want to go there?" OK, let’s compare, when your kids are teenagers, let’s compare stories.

I was just trying to make a strong point to her, like if you want to judge me, then I’m going to do the same thing to you and see how you like it. She didn’t like it very much, did she? No. I could say a lot more but I won’t [Laughs.] I’ve seen a lot, let’s put it that way!

Speaking of Ashlee, she was at the MTV Movie Awards last weekend; how proud were you?!

She was so thrilled to be there helping out and she’s been doing a lot of commentary and she’s having a blast. She blogs for [Buzznet] and she gets to meet a lot of people. She’s having fun with it, I’m really proud of her.