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Pretty Little Liars

Wait, Does Lucy Hale Have a Twin on Pretty Little Liars? (PHOTO)

Although we wish there were more of Lucy Hale in this world, we know the Pretty Little Liars' actress isn't a twin in real life. So after seeing this Twitter photo that she posted yesterday, our speculative minds immediately thought of one thing: might Aria have a secret twin on the show?

We know Alison has a twin in the books, and since producers have said the show won't pan out the same way as the books did, maybe the sister plotline was given to Aria instead. After all, Lucy did say she wants Aria to be part of the "A" group, so maybe her evil sis is involved in tormenting the girls. Can't you see Aria's sister being jealous of her steamy relationship with Ezra?

Then again, our overactive brains could be making an artsy Twitter photo into a total conspiracy theory. But you never know in the land of Rosewood! What do you all think? Could this photo be foreshadowing for what's to come in Season 3?

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Source: Twitter

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