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Teen Mom

All About the Teen Mom Babies: Bentley, Leah, Sophia, and Carly!

We watch Teen Mom for the crazy drama and copious WTF moments (oh, and the Uggs), but the main reason for tuning in? The adorable bambinos!

Bentley, Leah, Sophia and Carly are as cute as they come, and we've watched each of them grow leaps and bounds over the years.

If you're new to Teen Mom, get the scoop on the real stars of the show!

Bentley Cadence Edwards: Bentley was born on October 27, 2008, to Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards. Bents (or Benny) is a pretty awesome little dude, and he's already into sports and motorcycles. His parents have a joint custody agreement, but they both make an effort to get along for the sake of their future supercross racer. Sigh, he's the cutest!

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Leah Leann Shirley: Princess Leah was born in November of 2008 to Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley. She couldn't be more adorable, but this little lady has had it rough. Amber was recently arrested for drug possession, which means that Leah's currently living with her dad while her mom serves out a five-year prison sentence. Despite a few bumps along the way, Leah is a happy (and did we mention adorable?) little gal who is well cared for by her pops. Oh, and she has her own Twitter. Duh!

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Sophia Abraham: Baby Sophia is the spitting image of her mom! This little lady was born in February 2009, to Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood, and she's a total angel. Although, let's get real: She can be pretty spunky. Sophia's super close to her grandparents (who lived right next door for the first few years of her life), and now she lives with Farrah in Florida. Unfortunately, Sophia's dad died before she was born, but she visits his grave all the time to say hi.

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Carolynn "Carly" Elizabeth: Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's cherubic Baby Carly was born on May 18, 2009, and was given up for adoption to Brandon and Teresa, a sweet married couple from North Carolina. Carly's in an "open adoption," which means Ty and Cate get letters, emails, phone calls, and the occasional face-to-face visit. They even hope Carly will come to their wedding in Summer 2013!

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