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The Bachelorette

Charlie Grogan: Emily Maynard and I Met Way Before The Bachelorette

Is anyone on The Bachelorette Season 8 not connected to someone else in Bachelor Nation?

Kalon McMahon is (sometimes) friends with Bachelor Pad 2’s Erica Rose. Sean Lowe is friends with Bachelorette 4’s Jeremy Anderson. Jef Holm is friends with the brother of Bachelor 15’s Michelle Money. Arie Luyendyk, Jr., was more than friends with one of the show’s producers. And now Charlie Grogan — who suffered traumatic brain injuries after falling from his friend’s deck in 2010 — has revealed that he already met Emily Maynard before The Bachelorette premiere.

Charlie was just eliminated on Episode 4 in Bermuda; during his exit interview with the media today, he was asked about his impressions of Emily on the show.

“[I]t's so hard to tell because of the cameras and the lights and all the people sitting around,” Charlie said (via Reality TV World. “I mean, your comfort zone isn't really there. Because I met her way before the show. I met her years and years and years ago here in Nashville with mutual friends. We have mutual friends that live here, and I'd have to say that she acted a lot different than she did while I was on the show. She has to have this persona that she has to keep. I don't know. At some times, I felt — again, I think there just wasn't a spark between us — but sometimes I felt the conversations weren't really flowing. I mean, they were flowing on my end, but on hers, it was kind of just like I was just like talking to the wall. [...] I mean, again, every conversation we had was great and it ended perfectly. But again, I didn't think we got too much into the intimate side of me or the deep side of me, and that was sort of my downfall because I waited until the last minute to start bringing that out. So I have no idea.”

Charlie added that Emily remembered him when he arrived on the premiere.

“She had said the moment I stepped out of the limo — she looked at me and was like, ‘Damn, I think I know this guy!’ And that was really kind of a cute conversation we had together, because she didn't know how she remembers me, but she had seen me before and this and that. And I was like, ‘Yeah, you know, we knew each other through mutual friends at a birthday party and we had a good time.’ She knew my face. She remembered me, but she didn't really know how it went. So again, that was a really cute conversation that we had together that wasn't shown. But it's understandable because the [editors] can only fit so much into an episode. She definitely remembers me.”

And now she’ll remember that he felt like their conversations were one-way streets. Read more of Charlie’s interview here.

Source: Reality TV World