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True Blood

Jacob Hopkins on Playing True Blood’s Youngest Vampire: “He Looks Young, But He Is Feisty” – Exclusive

Looks can be deceiving on True Blood. You never know if your next door neighbor is a vampire — or the kid who lives down the block!

Jacob Hopkins joins HBO's hit show this season at the age of 10 (!) as a kid vampire with a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with him about the first time he put his fangs in, whether he'll have action scenes, and if he's even allowed to watch True Blood!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You play a very young vampire. What can you tell us about him?

Jacob Hopkins: My character is named Alexander Drew, and he is part of the Authority. He was turned at the age of 9, so he looks young, but he is feisty. He is a troublemaker.

It seems like we learn a lot more about the Authority.

Yes, the Authority has a goal of mainstreaming. But like any other council, we have disagreements. But my character respects Roman [Christopher Meloni], he is the Guardian. He respects him a lot.

True Blood is an adult show, so did you watch it before?

No, I'm not allowed to watch it (laughs). But my dad is an actor and he coaches me, so he helped me out.

Are you a fan of vampires?

They are my favorite monster. I am fascinated by them. I read all about about Dracula and Nosferatu.

What was it like when you saw yourself with fangs for the first time?

It was really cool. I looked in the mirror, they looked so real and I felt like a real vampire.

You're also really in martial arts. Any chance you might get some actions scenes?

(Laughs) Uhh ... I can't really say. Maybe, you'll have to see!

What was it like being one of the youngest people on the set? You were in Priest, so you knew Stephen Moyer from that movie.

Yeah, he's really nice. Everyone was so nice. Everyone jokes around and it's a great place to be.

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