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True Blood

Janina Gavankar on True Blood Season 5: “It’s a Tough Year to Be a Shifter” (Spoilers)

Last we saw True Blood's shifter couple Luna and Sam, they'd just gotten out of a confrontation with her ex, werewolf Marcus, that ended in him being killed by Alcide.

Marcus's pack will be out for blood, and with her tie to him via their shared daughter, Luna will likely find herself in a heap of danger.

"It's a tough year to be a shifter," Janina tells Red Eye Chicago.

"They're up against a lot this year. It's tough to stay alive this year, so they have to really fight for their lives."

Season 5 of True Blood delves even deeper into the supernatural world than ever, as viewers learn more about vampire culture, werewolf traditions, and shifter society.

"The shifters definitely show a darker side of themselves this year, a stronger side," she reveals. "When you're a shifter and you lose control of yourself it's dangerous for you and those around you."

Danger can cause friction for a couple, so will Sam and Luna grow closer or be torn apart? Janina hopes this couple makes it.

"I love Sam and Luna together. She has the only guy who understands her. And she's totally down for him," she says.

Lusam 4ever!

Source: Red Eye Chicago

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