Who Is Mario Singer? 5 Things to Know About Ramona’s Husband on RHONY
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Real Housewives of New York

Who Is Mario Singer? 5 Things to Know About Ramona’s Husband on RHONY

The Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has a marriage that would make most people jealous. Her husband, Mario Singer, is not only devilishly good looking and supportive of his career, he also knows how to control her craziness when she pulls a “Ramona.” Read on to find out five things about Mario.

He manufactures religious gifts and jewelry. According to a New York Times wedding announcement from 1992, Mario is the vice president of Classic Medallics and Frederick Singer & Sons, a “manufacturer of religious gifts and jewelry” based out of Queens. Notice the similar last names in that company’s name? Mario comes from a long line of jewelers. He also helped Ramona start her True Faith jewelry line.

He was married before he met Ramona. Mario, who married Ramona when he was 38, was previously married to another woman, but their marriage ended in divorce. Little is known about the first Mrs. Mario Singer, but we can’t imagine another woman holding a candle to Ramona!

He grew up in Manhasset, Long Island. Mario may be living the glamorous life now, but he used to be just your typical Long Island boy! Singer grew up in the upper-middle-class suburb of Manhasset.

He’s Italian. Don’t let the last name “Singer” fool you, Mario is a handsome Italian Stallion. In a BravoTV.com blog dating from 2009, Mario referred to himself as “an Italian man” and he spoke a few words of Italian to Ramona during the Season 5 premiere.

He’s an avid blogger. As we previously mentioned, Mario keeps a blog on BravoTV.com, like many of the other Househusbands who get in on the H-Wives action. Mario has yet to blog anything about Season 5, but considering that he was heavily involved in the premiere, we can’t wait to see what he has to say about this season.

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