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5 Actors We’d Love to See on Revenge

From plane explosions to popping pills, we’ve had some good times with the characters on the first season of Revenge.

But creator Mike Kelley has already revealed he’ll be introducing some newbies into the cast next season, and if we have a say (and we totally should), here would be our top choices.

5. Elle Fanning

Since it’s possible that Charlotte Grayson is dead, we’ll need some young blood in the mix. Elle may look doe-eyed and innocent, but we sense she’s got a sneaky side to her too. This mysterious blondie would be the perfect addition to the Hamptons.

4. Milo Ventimiglia

Mysterious and brooding definitely works on Revenge and Milo does it like a pro. You may remember him as Jess , Rory’s true love (sorry, Logan fans; not sorry, Dean fans) on Gilmore Girls or as Peter Petrelli on Heroes, but one thing’s for sure, he does the bad boy thing with a sexy style. We could see him as a villain or even a loyal ally. Nolan Ross could use some competition.

3. Holly Hunter

The Hamptons need a dose of Southern charm and who better to bring it than Holly Hunter? She would make a great mentor to Emily. And if you’ve seen Little Black Book with Brittany Murphy, you know this lady's got some bad in her!

2. Ed Harris

There’s something about Ed that just says "evil." Similar to the White-Haired man, Ed’s piercing blue eyes make our blood run cold. He would make an excellent addition to the group that blew up Victoria’s plane and killed David Clarke.

1. Sarah Michelle Geller

Up until now, no one has been able to outsmart Emily Thorne, but it’s about time someone gave her a run for her money. And who better to give it to her than the master of stealth, Buffy the Vampire Slayer? With Sarah’s show, Ringer, being cancelled (it was probably for the best), chances are SMG has some time on her hands. We know just how to fill it!

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06.9.2012 / 01:01 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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