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Bones Cast Hold Cute Q & A Session [VIDEO]

Looks like Michaela Conlin (Angela)’s and TJ Thyne (Hodgins)’s first sit-down was so popular that the powers that be elected to film a second one! Unfortunately, this one’s much more abridged and the questions are kind of... well, goofy.

First, a fan asks about Angela’s fabulous clothes, and Conlin dutifully sings the praises of Cynthia Summers, the Bones costume designer. Conlin does get some creative control over her wardrobe (no high heels, mainly), but Summers does a bang-up job “making each of the women on the show look great, but also different.”

Then come two real goofball questions. First, for Hodgins: “Do you ever look up at the stars, and if so, what do you think about?” We have a hard time imagining Hodgins in such a tree-hugging situation, but Thyne handles the question enthusiastically: “Every night, I look up at the stars, and I always make a wish.”

Finally, and most outrageously: “After finishing a day working with TJ[, Michaela], when you go home at night, do you sit on the end of your bed and thank the heavens...?” We didn’t need the investigative powers of TJ to tell us that that particular question was made up.

Even if this one was kind of a throwaway, we love seeing videos like this where the Bones stars interact with the fans! And with the possibility of the cast pulling down some extra cash, maybe they’ll have more spare time in which to indulge us!

Here's a link to the video, if you want to see for yourself: Cute Q & A