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The Bachelor

Natalie Getz: If Roberto Martinez Is The Next Bachelor, Ali Fedotowsky’s Gonna Be Hurt

Natalie Getz approves the message that Roberto Martinez will be The Bachelor for Season 17.

“I thought it would be a great pick because he is beautiful, knowing him in real life he’s so humble, he’s so sweet, he’s funny — he’s the all-around package,” Natalie tells RadarOnline. “We haven’t seen that in a Bachelor yet, honestly. They either have the looks or the personality but never a combination of both.”

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Natalie dated Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor Season 13 before winning Bachelor Pad Season 1 with Dave Good. We agree that The Bachelor rarely gets the right mix — they either have a nice guy personality but maybe aren’t that “beautiful” (like Jason) or they have a great bod but might, ya know, get lost trying to figure out the tip after dinner.

ABC hasn’t confirmed that Roberto is the next Bachelor — although spoiler king Reality Steve said it’s definitely happening — and Natalie isn’t convinced that Roberto will get the gig. She tells RadarOnline she heard producers may want Arie Luyendyk, Jr., of The Bachelorette Season 8 as The Bachelor. In that case, she joked, she’d break up with her boyfriend to sign back on the show. But if they do cast Roberto, Natalie thinks things will get mighty awkward for his Bachelorette ex-fiancee, Ali Fedotowsky.

“I think that Ali would flip out if Roberto was the Bachelor!” Natalie said. “That would be hard to see your ex fiancé on a TV show … where you fell in love.”

Nat said all that last night at OK! magazine’s Single & Sexy Party — which Ali also attended. Chances are Ali won’t be weighing in on the subject until Roberto is officially announced as The Bachelor, if that even happens. Earlier this week, Ali blogged that she too thinks producers are grooming Arie for the Bachelor gig. We’ll see who’s right pretty soon...

Source: RadarOnline