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True Blood

Is Tara Brain-Dead on True Blood?

We're all about Tara becoming a blood thirsty baby vamp on True Blood, but need we remind you that she's missing half her brain?

The healing power of Pam's blood can only go so far, and there's a definite possibility that Vampire Tara will be a shadow of her former self. Or, to quote Pam, she might be completely and utterly "f***tarded."

When Tara busted out of her grave during True Blood's season premiere, there was a definite air of zombie about her. We don't remember Jessica looking nearly as possessed when she was a little baber vamp!

Sookie and Lafayette turned Tara so she could have a chance at happiness, but wandering around like an extra from The Walking Dead isn't going to be fun for anyone –– except us, obvs.

The good news? Tara's head looked relatively intact when Sookie pushed the dirt off her face, which means there's a good chance that her brain is back to its old, snarky self!

Sigh, Tara. We love you, hookah.

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06.11.2012 / 08:59 PM EDT by Kelly Woo
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