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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 4: “The Family that Plays Together”

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about playing ball. While Kris Jenner tried to get the gang back into her old hobby of tennis, Bruce and Kourtney played their own little games of hardball.

The episode begins with Bruce and Kris playing a little tennis with her friends, Liz and Lisa. Kris is totally serious about it all — even her track suit matches the neon tennis ball — but all Bruce and the girls can notice is how voracious Kris is being about it all! To put it mildly, she’s moanin’ like it’s the bedroom, and no one can help but giggle.

In the car, Bruce listens intently as Kris talks about the importance of tennis in the family’s life when Rob Kardashian, Sr. was still around. A cute little video montage of Kourtney and Kim hits that notion home. Under her breath, she mentions the idea of adding a tennis court onto the property, but that suggestion dies quickly.

Later on, Bruce winds up at the racetrack with his son, Brandon. He may have a lot of children, but he tries to keep close ties with all of them. He also thinks Brandon in particular has talent “in so many areas.”

Meanwhile, Kris goes on a little tennis gear shopping trip with Kim. She’s excited about re-introducing tennis into the family routine. “I think we need a can of balls,” Kris jokes, “cause you always need to have fresh balls … anytime there are balls involved, it’s my kinda game.”
Back at the courts, Kim tries to teach little Mason how to swing. Kourtney, of course, is pretty far along by now and can’t join the fam for the game. She does, however, notice Kris’ little “grunting” habit and gets a kick of her own out of the day.

Bruce and Kris chat after the day is done and he finally brings up what’s been on his mind all episode. Brandon and his fiance Leah are trying to get their band going, and he sees the obvious potential of Kris being a talent manager and trying to start her own music company venture with Babyface as well. After all, Bruce’s done more than his fair share for his stepchildren. Kris is hesitant about it but does agree to at least watch the music video the two made.

Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Kim fills Bruce, Kendall, and Kylie in on Kris’ tennis swing noises and gets the bright idea that everyone should hear just how sexy Mom sounds with a racket in hand. “She doesn’t make that much noise in the bedroom, I guarantee ya,” Bruce chimes in.

She’s also not been watching a certain music video, and Bruce confronts her about it. All she has to do is give the video a shot. But, as Kris points out, he hasn’t even asked Brandon whether he’s interested in having her manage the group or not. Not to mention, her relationship with Brandon and his own mom can be tricky, and Kris doesn’t want to stir the waters. “Watch the video,” he answers sternly. This whole season, Bruce has been sticking up for himself more and more, and we gotta say, we’re digging the winning attitude from Mr. Olympian!

Speaking of champs, the family tennis match Kim’s devised finally arrives, and even Mason can’t help but notice the weird noise his grandma is making. Kendall and Kylie do wildly accurate imitations of Kris, which of course sends her on a crying spree. Kris declares that the family has ruined something that’s meant so much to her. Bruce calms her down from her temper tantrum, thankfully.

Then, Kourtney starts getting on Scott Disick’s case. Back at their place, she starts to complain about the lack of romance between them. She asks him to draw her a bubble bath, which he is surprisingly slick about… until he starts fiddling with her toes and “smurf bite” pinching her. If there was a moment, it was long gone after that. Kourtney misses their early days when they were “obsessed with each other.” “You have no romance in your body,” she tells him simply. Ouch!

Kim later makes amends with Kris by touching her where it really matters — her sense of style. Kim doesn’t want their little joke to discourage her mom from playing, so she’s bought her a Chanel tennis racket and ball set to make it all better. Point, set, match.

Later, since Kris hasn’t watched the bleeping video already, Bruce takes it upon himself to show up to her meeting with Babyface. He walks in as Kris is discussing some boy band combination idea Lance Bass had thrown her way. Talk about awkward interruption! Babyface at least keeps up a good face and the trio gives the vid a gander. Whaddya know, the kids aren’t bad after all! Even Babyface is pleasantly surprised. Kris also seems to respect Bruce’s forthrightness in barging in. “He kind of took a page out of my book,” she admits.

Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Back at the troublesome Disick abode, Kourtney’s enjoying a replay of Titanic up in her bedroom. She decides to give Scott a call on his cell, even though he’s just downstairs, and remind him that he’s no Leo DiCaprio. “We’re not in a movie!” he exclaims. “If you’re upstairs thinking I’m going to be Leo DiCaprio in five minutes, you’re sorely mistaken.” After some goading, he agrees to give romancing her a shot.

Having gotten the Okay from Babyface and Kris, Bruce approaches Brandon about the potential connection between the two — since there’s a PR gold mine, essentially, with the Kardashian brand. But Brandon confesses he’s not all that interested though in having a “stepmom slash manager.”

Scott takes his first shot at being romantic by getting a spray tan and mimicking Ryan Gosling from The Notebook. Did anyone else think it was weird when he called Kourtney his girlfriend to the clerks? After two kids, it’s easy to forget their status. Anyhow, Kourtney is not even a little bit impressed, which frustrates the mess out of Scott. Of his romantic gestures, all Kourtney could say was, “I once found Scott to be charming, but while I’m pregnant, I don’t at all.” We’re kind of eyeing Team Scott at this point, which is very hard to believe.

Kris takes a meeting with Brandon, and the two quickly come to an agreement that they don’t need to take the plunge into working together just yet. She’s relieved when he says it’d be too difficult. They agree to break the news to Bruce as a united front so Kris doesn’t look like she’s just blowing Brandon off again.

Until then, though, Bruce is invited to have a shave with Scott. Scott needs some advice how to deal with this Kourtney romance issue. Bruce, who’s getting a facial instead, has no good news for Scott. In fact, if he thinks having a difficult pregnant wife is bad, he should just wait until his baby girl starts to get feisty. Says Bruce to the expectant father, “They want to hold your hand, they want to do everything, then when they hit around twelve … they say, ‘I hate when you talk to me that way.’”. As Bruce’s words get more depressing, Scott answers back, “For a motivational speaker, you make life sound like sh*t.”

When Bruce gets home, Brandon and Kris let him down easy. They don’t want to work together, and it’s a mutual agreement. Bruce just wants Brandon to get everything he deserves, but he can live with the decision. Phew!

Next, Kim lends Scott a hand by babysitting Mason while he sets up for a romantic night. He’s got flowers, a nice suit, candles, the works. At first, she’s gracious for the surprise, but she quickly begins nipping at him about how cold the food is. After some seriously deserved guilt-tripping, Kourtney admits that there is something romantic in the effort he’s been putting up. Good thing, too, because Scott promised that if his little dinner idea didn’t work, he’d be “hanging up the old tool belt, no pun intended.” We’re glad to see his efforts pay off in the end!

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