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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen on Toby & Emily’s Relationship: “They Are Friends Forever”

Keegan Allen’s Toby showed the two sides we love on the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 premiere (“It Happened ‘That Night’”), bringing the heat in a shirtless kissing scene with Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and displaying tender concern for Emily (Shay Mitchell) in a coffee house as she mourned Maya (Bianca Lawson).

While Keegan has already dished to Wetpaint Entertainment about Spoby, what does the actor think about the other big storylines in Rosewood? Keegan gave us his opinions on Toby and Emily’s friendship, what the disappearance of Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) body will mean, and how fans reacted to the “A” reveal.

With Emily going through such a rough time losing Maya, how is Toby going to help her?
Keegan Allen: They always had this friendship that started in the third episode. They connected. They have a really great chemistry as friends and he will definitely be there for her. They are friends forever. That kind of friendship lingers and she comes to him. We will see how that happens. It will be really cool. I really like working with Shay.

Will we see more of Sasha?
You will see more of Sasha. We are still trying to find out who murdered Alison. Be ready for some flashbacks and understanding and more characters that bring that into the mix.

How will that affect Toby?
We forget that he was the one charged for Alison's murder. He still deals with that. Everybody still is a little sketch of him.

What do you like most about playing Toby?
I enjoy him because I am completely different from Toby. Sometimes I do find myself falling into this, "I wonder what he would do?" He is such a soft spoken, meticulous thinker and he works really well with his hands. I built a table and I was [like] "I am Toby today." But besides that, it is just a challenge to bring someone like that to life and it was from the very beginning. He is so introverted and now he, just in the last season, got a girlfriend and he is actually not hated by everybody.

Were you ever concerned that the A “reveal” would hamper the show?
I was never concerned about where we were going to go because there was still the mystery of who killed Alison, still the mystery of what happened that night and how did somebody really get away with this for so long? Now that [A is] locked up, how is it continuing? Janel Parrish did such an amazing job conveying that superhuman thinking of Mona. I knew once we saw who Mona was, it would still continue. There are so many unanswered questions. No matter that, the girls are still in high school, which is hell on earth anyway, and they are still dealing with everyday issues and things like that. There [are] a slew of things that can be consistently be put in this pot and brought to you guys.

Did you personally have any interaction with fans who were happy or pissed it was Mona?
I did a little video on this--everybody is going to have strong opinions. And everybody did. A lot of people were, "I knew what was going on. Yeah, I am so happy." And a lot of people not happy, totally can't believe it and have their own theories and think it is a bunch of bull.

You don’t get accosted while walking down the street?
No. A lot of people come up to me and they [say] "I knew it was Mona! I knew it was Mona!" It is always fun to interact with fans that are so passionate about the show and all of them are really nice people.

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