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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Speculation: Why Emily Maynard Picks Sean Lowe (Maybe)

We’re just about at the halfway point of The Bachelorette Season 8 so we’re looking for signs of a true love story. We’ve already shared a few reasons why Emily Maynard may end up picking Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and other reasons she may be engaged to Jef Holm. Here are some reasons we think Emily may have picked her fellow blond bombshell, Sean Lowe.

1. They are both all about faith
Emily is a good Christian belle who regularly tweets Bible quotes and Sean has mentioned that faith is also central to his life. And there’s this little interesting tidbit from someone called “carmondy” in the comments section of Reality Steve’s blog: “Sean Lowe recently started a twitter account @seanlowe09 – and one of the people he follows is the minister of a large church in Charlotte NC where Emily lives. Coincidence?? Emily follows that same minister on twitter. Could it be a clue? Or a red herring?” The minister is Steven Furtick and it looks like he wrote a book called Sun Stand Still, so maybe this guy is just a really popular national minister or they are just fans of the same book? Even if it’s just a coincidence, it does further illustrate their shared core beliefs.

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2. They are all about family
Sean is a Southern gentleman from Texas — like Brad Womack and yet just enough not like Brad Womack to maybe make it work. One of the first conversations we saw between Em and Sean was Sean talking about his parents’ inspiring marriage. They are still in love and still go on date nights. And check out this swoon-worthy statement from Sean on Episode 3: "For the past 28 years my dad has shown me how to be the perfect father, and without a shadow of a doubt I could step into any role and be the greatest father in the world." It’s important for Emily to find a responsible man to be her husband and Ricki’s stepfather and it sounds like Sean has that foundation of stability.

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3. They are both genetic gifts
Just look at them. Emily’s friend Wendy would probably be devastated to hear “genetic gift” Sean is off the market, but if he starts hanging out more often in Charlotte — and keeps letting her sit on his back as he does shirtless push-ups — she’ll probably get over it. It helps that Em’s friends love Sean and it also helps that Sean is insanely ripped. Sean and Em are just about equally attractive and share the same values; as Bachelorette Ashley Hebert noted, Sean is basically Emily in male form. That can’t hurt. Sean is also one of the only guys Emily has kissed at this point — and promos for their London date suggest their kisses are about to reach the next level of steaminess. Watch your back, Arie Luyendyk, Jr.!

4. He’s being promoted a lot right now
Chris Harrison has talked about “the rise of Sean” and “the emergence of Sean” a few times now. Is that the real red herring? Is he leading us toward Em’s #1 or #2 or a potential Bachelor contender (in case the Roberto Martinez spoilers aren’t actually confirmed after all)? Last week, Charlie Grogan was eliminated and he did the usual media conference call exit interview. Then ABC sent a follow-up e-mail to add that Sean would be talking to the press too, to promote his first date with Emily on the London-set Episode 5. That’s ... unusual. On the call, Sean gave tons of heavy hints about being Em’s Chosen One, including that he was looking forward to going back and watching the episode because it’s where they kicked off their relationship and the sparks first started flying. He also said he’d love to go back to London. “I could see a wedding there, if that were in the future, or a honeymoon, sure." Why would he say all that if he got dumped and was broken-hearted? He’d have to be going along with some producer-driven manipulation ploy. Does that sound like Sean? Why would he help the show send viewers in the wrong direction? To what end?

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5. He’s rumored as Emily’s Chosen One
Granted, Jef Holm has also been rumored as Emily’s Chosen One and you can’t rule out Arie — or anyone else for that matter — because no one really seems to know what exactly happens at the end of Emily’s season. Reality Steve's
sources have left it at Sean, Jef and Arie — but no word yet on how it all plays out after that. Some people say Jef. Some others say Sean. And others are convinced she picks Rosemaster Chris Harrison. For all we know, she tries her luck with Dolly Parton. They seem like a great match.

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