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The Bachelorette

Did Emily Maynard Overreact About Kalon McMahon’s “Baggage” Comment on The Bachelorette?

Kalon McMahon acknowledged that he’s not the right man for Emily Maynard. No question. Like Alessandro Goulart and his “compromise,” it was about more than just one comment. But, once again, was that comment blown out of proportion? Was Emily too sensitive about Kalon’s “baggage” comment on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 5?

Emily was not only upset to hear — third-hand — that Kalon had called Emily’s daughter Ricki “baggage,” she was mad that the other guys didn’t tell her about it until that point. And apparently she was mad that no one beat the crap out of him after he said it.

However, Kalon has a history of just using the wrong word and having trouble articulating what he really meant. Remember when he and Doug Clerget went at it because Kalon said Doug put being a dad on hold to go on the show? He didn’t mean that Doug didn’t care about his son or stopped being a dad, but the guy did leave his son to try to find love for a couple of months. Can’t argue that.

Kalon just got in his own way again on Episode 5, making a few Ricki-referencing comments, first in the presence of Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Kalon told Jef, "You gotta realize that if you become part of her life pretty much any date's going to be a group date — it's going to be you, her and Ricki." Later, Chris Bukowski tried to console Kalon for not getting any time with Emily on the group date, saying he’d get his chance later. "I'll get a chance to talk to an exhausted, sick mother who has a child waiting on her,” Kalon said.


The comments rubbed Jef and Chris the wrong way. Chris told the guys that the night before Kalon had referred to Ricki as “baggage.” The guys confronted Kalon about it and he admitted he used that word but tried to clarify. "Baggage has a negative connotation when it's brought up like that. All it is is a responsibility. That is a huge responsibility."

Doug decided to make the moment about himself by first telling Emily what was said, then giving a speech to the guys before Emily reamed out Kalon. She — and probably the audience — took some pleasure in not letting Kalon get a word in, as a reference to his previous comment about loving to hear her talk but wishing she would let him finish. But he was just trying to say that having an instant kid is a big responsibility. Emily said it’s a “blessing” and maybe it is, but she’s putting the cart before the horse. It’s not a bad thing for a guy to view a child as a responsibility and a commitment — and this is a guy who hasn’t even had one real date with her. Why would he already be 100 percent ready to be Ricki’s stepdad?

Not that Kalon was ever the right guy for her — or even into her as much as himself — but he was just trying to make a point that any guy there wouldn’t just end up with Emily, they’d also have Ricki. That’s been her point for the whole show, too. Not that she’s actually letting them meet Ricki. They’re just supposed to love her from afar.

But as Kalon admitted in the ride home, "I did say it and I did absolutely mean it. Obviously it was taken out of context." Since they didn’t show him really saying the words in context, it turned into everyone against this one guy for this one “baggage” comment. Since the guys didn’t like him anyway, and the show needed this moment of strength/vulnerability for storyline purposes, no one had trouble treating him like a villian. In fact, Emily said "I think Kalon's just a terrible human being. Just not a nice person."

That seems a bit harsh, but what do you think?

06.12.2012 / 07:05 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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