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True Blood

Eric and Nora’s Sibling Sex on True Blood: Totally Hot or Super Icky?

We were only a few minutes into the season premiere of True Blood, and then BAM! Eric was fully naked and doing what he does best: sexing up a hottie against the wall of a creepy, abandoned warehouse. Yes, please!

Actually, wait. Said hottie is Nora, Eric's vampire sister. Our eyes!

Now, before you run away in disgust, take a moment to process this fangbanging session. Eric and Nora are related, yes — but not by blood. Well, at least not by human blood.

They were both made into vampires by Godric, which means they have his vampy bodily fluids running through their icy cold veins.

Eric and Nora might "fight like siblings and f*ck like champions," but keep in mind that they aren't the first truebies to get their incest on. Bill had sex with his vampire mommy, everyone in Hot Shot is doing it with each other, and then there was that time Bill had an affair with his granddaughter. (Seriously, William, get it together.)

Is Eric relationship with Nora relatively normal considering that they live in Bon Temps, or are you grossed out by their sister-brother bond?

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06.12.2012 / 12:42 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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