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Real Housewives of New York

RHONY’s Ramona Singer vs. LuAnn de Lesseps: Whose Side Are You On?

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York revolved around old guard Housewives LuAnn and Ramona’s big fight on a park bench. The fight started when LuAnn demanded that Ramona apologize for calling her a “weekend mom” in Season 4 after LuAnn revealed that she spends half of her time in her apartment in New York City with her then-new boyfriend, Jacques.

Things got even more heated during the Season 5 premiere when LuAnn alleged that Ramona had attempted to blackmail her over one of her son’s friends passing out at a party. Ramona firmly denies the blackmail accusation, and says that she refused to apologize to LuAnn because she had already done so several times off camera.

We can really see both sides of the story. No one likes to be judged about their parenting skills, so LuAnn naturally went on the defensive after Ramona insulted her. Meanwhile, Ramona is known for launching into crazy tirades when she feels attacked, so she could have said something that sounded like a blackmail attempt when she was trying to defend herself against LuAnn. Since LuAnn was already feeling emotional about basically being called a bad mother on national television, she might have read Ramona’s words in a different way than Ramona actually meant them.

We don’t really buy Ramona as a villain or a blackmailer mostly because we refuse to believe that she has a single malicious bone in her body. Ramona is a silly, Pinot-swilling motor-mouth, but she is not someone who wants to harm others. If Ramona really doesn’t like someone, she usually just ignores them (see: her initial relationship with Simon Von Kempen). Ramona doesn’t plot against people, manipulate, or orchestrate blackmailing schemes, she just says whatever is on her mind and leaves it at that.

But, that’s our take on this. Whose side are you on? Vote in the poll below.

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