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Samuel Larsen on “Nerve-Wracking” Return as Glee Project Mentor — Exclusive

He won The Glee Project last year, and now Glee’s Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart) is heading back to the show that gave him his start. Samuel is the guest mentor on tonight’s Glee Project Season 2, Episode 2: “Dance-ability.”

Funny thing is: that episode was filmed late last year, and Samuel had only been filming Glee scenes for about a week. That means Joe Hart barely even existed yet! How’s that for a time warp? Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Samuel to get all the inside scoop on tonight’s episode. For example, has Samuel ever felt jealous of the Glee Project contestants? Read on to find out.

First thing’s first. Do you we know if you're coming back to Glee in the Fall?

I don't know. I'm only wishing and praying. I should know in the next week and a half or so.

That must be torture, just waiting to find out?

It is. It is complete torture especially when you want to so bad. I've talked to a few friends that are waiting to find out if they come back. They're just like, ‘Oh, if I come back, cool. If I don't, cool ‘ I'm very much the type of person that if I don't come back, I'll be absolutely devastated.

Are you doing music or trying to cram in a project in between?

Yeah. I did some music, and I’m supposed to start a project next month. So, yeah, been doing a little bit of that.

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You’re the guest mentor on tonight’s Glee Project Season 2, Episode 2: “Dance-ability.” When did you actually film that segment?

I shot that maybe six or seven months ago. I'd only been filming on Glee for maybe a week.

Haha…At least you'd been on set. It's not like you won the thing, and then you go back to mentor them, and you’re like, “I’m still waiting to hear about it…”

Yeah. I was actually nervous about because I was doing Glee Project before I even knew I was going to be on Glee, when I would start. So that was nerve wracking. But, It was great. I got a good week of experience before I had to go tell them what's up.

What was it like to go back to The Glee Project as a mentor?

Really, really interesting. Kind of weird. My first reaction was I felt really territorial. Like, “This is our show. What are you doing?” But then, at the same time, you look at everyone, and you see that they have the same dreams that you had, and I can't help but want to help them out.

Was there anyone that stood out?

Everyone kind of stood out in their own way, and I think the biggest thing I was noticing is that, sure, there's a rock guy, and there's the dancer and what not, but it was really hard to see any similarities to the first season because everyone was just so different and definitely really out there, which I really liked.

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It's funny that you say that thing about being territorial. It's kind of true. They're vying for jobs on a show that you're still waiting to find out if you're going back to.

Right, which is crazy because it’s like whoever wins this thing will know for sure if they're going to be on the show, and I don't even know yet. It’s kind of ironic.

Let’s talk about tonight’s show. Can you say anything about what you do or what the challenge is?

Well, what was really cool is that I won the “Dance-ability” challenge last year. So I had to go and do “Dance-ability” this year. It was interesting because when I won I didn't feel like I was a dancer. And I still don't really feel like a dancer. But at the same time it's good to get advice from a non-dancer guy. Like, “You've just got to fake it. If you're going to make a step, you've got to make it look like you meant it because they won't be able to tell if you don't know what you're doing. Even if you don't know, just pretend you do.

Damian [McGinty (Rory)]! Every time someone says something about dancing on that show. I just think about that little Irish man.

But it's so weird because you wouldn't want him to dance any other way than he does. You know what I mean? If he came out and he was just like perfect, it would kind of annoy you. It just goes with the whole package.

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When you were you doing these challenges on The Glee Project, did anything actually translate to what they were doing on the show?

The good thing is I didn't feel like anyone was going to judge me on Glee. I'm not thinking, “Oh God. If I don't get this right today, I'm going home.” And I'll tell you one thing, we definitely all go to Harry Shum Jr. [Mike] and still ask him, “Hey, dude. Am I doing this right?” He still helps us along, same thing with Heather [Morris (Brittany)]. I think it's funny because on Glee Project, there's that added pressure, but with Glee, there’s no element of competition. No one's trying to dance better than anyone. But there's that added pressure of, “So many people are going to watch Glee this week. If I don't nail this dance, I look like an idiot.”

What was the most realistic challenge on The Glee Project, for you, that sort of made perfect sense once you got on the show?

The one that made the most sense is either “Tenacity” or “Vulnerability.” Those are the two things that you just need, period, to be on the show. Whether or not people know if you're going to that place, it's just good to work out that muscle of being vulnerable on command.

And then, also, you have to be super tenacious because there were definitely times when I was like, “Oh, yeah. I'm totally out at 10 o'clock,” and then you're filming until one in the morning. And you're filming like that three days in a row. You wake up. You go to work. You don't go home until you go to sleep. You have to push through it. But it's super fun. I wouldn't trade it in for the world. It is crazy.

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