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Teen Mom

Amber Tries to End Her Life: Teen Mom Season 4 Premiere Recap

Oh, Amber. This poor girl was recently sentenced to five years in the clink, and we finally have a chance to see how she spiraled out of control in Teen Mom's fourth and final season!

In the two-hour season premiere, Amber takes a plea bargain for domestic battery and is sentenced to 30 to 60 days in a Malibu rehab center for anger management, which means she won't be able to see Leah for almost two months! Thank goodness she has those amazing pink nail decals to get her through the rough times.

Amber wants to get rehab over with so she can move back home with Gary, but it looks like she might fly off the rails at any moment. In fact, she and Gary get into a huge fight after he watches her down about three glasses of white wine and dares to imply that she needs help.

It's clear that Amber's depressed, but nothing could have prepared Gary for her suicide attempt. In a tragic turn of events, Amber tries to hang herself –– which inspires her to start her stint rehab.

Amber has a tough time being away from her baby gal, but she manages to keep her chin up and deal with some of her anger issues. She even enrolls in kickboxing classes with a sexy trainer! Amber seems like she's improving (tanning does wonders), but there's the pesky matter of her meds....

Turns out Amber's been abusing prescription medication for bipolar disorder, and unfortunately we all know how that turns out. It's so sad to watch this unlucky lady go through rehab knowing that she'll end up in jail a few months down the line!

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06.13.2012 / 07:32 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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