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Catelynn Lowell Wants Four Kids and Might Move Her Wedding Up!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are the sweetest, most devoted couple on Teen Mom, but even they've had their ups and downs.

After Catelynn and Ty put a ring on it, they got into a series of fights and Tyler even asked Catelynn to move out!

"I knew we would make it through it," Catelynn tells Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout during Teen Mom's After Show.

"But I did have little questions in the back of my mind, like what does he have planned, what is he trying to do, this is weird, this isn't like him. And that's when we started going to counseling full blast. Starting our communication and just really figuring out each other."

One of the problems in Cate and Ty's relationship was her jealousy issues, but nowadays, she's more secure than ever.

"I was just definitely insecure about myself," Catelynn explains. "Now no, I look at girls and I laugh at them. I'm like, it's fine you can look all you want, but I'm gonna grab his butt cheek and I'm taking him home!"

So what's the secret to Catelynn and Tyler's perfect relationship? "I think that the secret to keeping a couple together is communication," Catelynn says.

"You have to have trust, and just being there for one another other. Whenever I was down, he was the one who was always talking to me and bringing me up. When he was down, I was the one who was always talking to him and bringing him up."

Catelynn and Tyler are currently engaged to be married on July 15, 2013, but Catelynn says they might move the date up. You know what that means: Baby City!

"I try talking him into to giving me four, and he's like uh-uh after three I am getting chopped," Catelynn jokes. "But definitely just getting married and being together, and taking it slow. I want to have a good at least four years by ourselves as a married couple, make our own memories and then decide to have children."

We can't wait for these two to start their family!

Source: MTV

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