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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelorette Blog: Jef Becomes a Favorite — But Emily Maynard Still Has a Soft Spot for Bad Boys

There’s a side to Emily Maynard that likes the bad boys, Chris Harrison says, but there’s no side to her that’s into a guy who sees her daughter as “baggage.” So … congrats, Ryan Bowers; sucks to be you, Kalon McMahon. The Rosemaster loved Emily’s f-bomb rant against Kalon on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 5, although he says she regretted her anger and choice of words.

Here are more highlights from Chris’ Entertainment Weekly blog on the London love-and-loser-fest:

Great date with Sean Lowe: "As you saw, it couldn’t have gone much better. They have so much in common, their chemistry is great and it already feels like they’ve been dating for months. Sean taking the stage at “Speaker’s Corner” was very cool. It was definitely one of those moments that you remember as you walk away from this experience."

Em was already done with Kalon before his "baggage": "Emily gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was so rude to her at a prior cocktail party, but when he rudely ushered her away during his [Romeo & Juliet group date] rehearsal, she was pretty much done with him."

Did Doug Clerget do the right thing? "What Emily didn’t know is that Kalon had referred to her daughter Ricki as 'baggage.' She found this out that night when Doug sat her down and gave her the news. I know Emily says she wished the guys had told her earlier, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Did Doug do the right thing, and do you feel he really told her with pure and good intentions?"

Emily takes out her own trash: "Once Emily learned the truth, it was all she could do to contain herself. As she said, 'I want to go out and rip his limbs off and beat him with them.' My favorite line was right before she went out to face Kalon, she said, 'I wanna go West Virginia hood-rat backwoods on his ass.' Now, I have no idea what that means, but it doesn’t sound pleasant. One of the things I admire about Emily is she has no problem handling her own business. She wanted to go out and face Kalon herself in front of everybody and that’s exactly what she did. There’s so much I loved about this confrontation. In short, Emily absolutely handed Kalon his own head on a platter. She began by throwing his arrogant condescending line about letting her finish right back in his face. But the icing on the cake was Emily going West Virginia hoodrat on his ass and telling him to get the 'F' out."

Credit: ABC via WENN    

Emily felt bad for dropping f-bomb: "The funny thing is later that night when Emily and I talked she felt a little bad about how mad she got and the language she used. I told her she had no idea how impressive that display was and how amazed the guys were by her tenacity. What the guys weren’t expecting though, is how upset Emily was at them for not stepping up and defending her."

Jef Holm finally kissed Emily ... long after she wanted it:
"[Jef] has intrigued her from the start, but she really needed him to step up and show her more on this date. The two of them always have great conversation but the chemistry and passion between them has been lacking. Emily told me later she thought for sure that when they paused at the top of the London Eye that he would go in for the first kiss but once again, he didn’t. Finally at the very end of their date they shared their first kiss, and now the plot thickens as another man has stepped up among the favorites."

Emily likes bad boys (except Kalon?):
"One last person we have to mention this week is Ryan [Bowers]. No doubt many of you will be talking about him this week. Emily seemed to have his number and have him all figured out, but damn if she isn’t falling prey to his charms. There’s definitely a side to her that likes the bad boy and it appears he might fit that bill."

What do you think? Read Chris' full blog for more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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