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The Kardashians

Myla Sinanaj Demands an Apology From Kris Humphries Over Extortion Allegations: Report

Kris Humphriesdivorce battle with Kim Kardashian seems like a cakewalk in comparison to the hoopla surrounding his most recent legal battle with Myla Sinanaj.

The pro baller reportedly called the FBI on his former “booty call,” and Myla’s lawyer is demanding that he apologize for dragging her name through the mud, or he may be facing a lawsuit.

Attorney Joe Tacopina explained to TMZ that Kris freaked when pictures of him and Myla began making the rounds. He told her they had to keep the relationship under wraps so as not to jeopardize his divorce proceedings. “It’s hard to argue you’re heartbroken when you had a steady girlfriend since January,” said Joe.

As for those extortion allegations that Kris's camp has made? Total bunk, declared the attorney.

“She never asked him for a penny,” he claims. He also insists Myla can prove she was more than just something on the side for Kris. “I have hundreds of text messages and phone records which show he constantly contacted her on a steady basis,” said Joe, who also alleges that Kris’ lawyers tried to get Myla canned from her hotel job.

Source: TMZ

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