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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life Spoiler: Will Leo Find Out If Ben and Dylan Caused the School Fire?

You know what they say: When you play with Bunsen burners, you're gonna get burned. It's just too bad Ben Boykewich didn't pay attention during science lab safety prep.

While we don't actually know if Ben is responsible for sending his girlfriend Dylan's school up in flames, we have our suspicions, and so does Ben's dad. Leo may spend most of his days drinking scotch and eating sausage, but he's no dummy.

In next week's episode, "Shotgun," Leo grows increasingly suspicious of foul play, so he heads over to Dylan's house to chat up her parental unit. Nothing like a full-fledged arson investigation to kick off a new season of Secret Life, right?

On the upside, at least Ben and Dylan might finally be able to attend school together … in matching orange jumpsuits, that is!