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The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf Music: Songs From Season 2, Episode 3, “Ice Pick”

There was much ice dancing in Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 3, “Ice Pick.” First, the kids tried to have a normal, semi-double date at the rink, and later, Derek and his new pack had a showdown against Scott next to a zamboni. The soundtrack that accompanied all the triple lutzes and Alpha bites was spot on as usual, thanks to the show’s music supervisor, Laura Webb.

Source: MTV

Artist: Donora
Song: “Champion”
Music moment: Allison and Scott climb the rock wall
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Champion by Donora on Grooveshark

Artist: Nikka Costa
Song: “Ching Ching Ching”
Music moment: A made-over Erica struts her stuff
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Ching Ching Ching by Nikka Costa on Grooveshark

Artist: Caveman
Song: “Easy Water”
Music moment: Erica gets in Derek’s car
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Easy Water by Caveman on Grooveshark

Artist: Benjamin Forrest Davis
Song: “Moving the Target”
Music moment: Scott’s boss gives him a raise
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Artist: Meme
Song: “Beat of My Own Song”
Music moment: Allison’s dad wants her to spy on Lydia
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Beat Of My Own Song by Meme on Grooveshark

Artist: Electric Guest
Song: “This Head I Hold”
Music moment: Stiles tries to win over Lydia with a peanut butter cup
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This Head I Hold by Electric Guest on Grooveshark

Artist: Donora
Song: “Boom Boom”
Music moment: Scott’s werewolf skills don’t help him ice skate well
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Boom Boom by Donora on Grooveshark

Artist: Woodkid
Song: “Iron”
Music moment: Derek and Scott fight
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Iron by Woodkid on Grooveshark

Artist: Congorock
“Ivory (The Bloody Beatroots Remix)”
Music moment:
Jackson angrily plays lacrosse, his truck gets stuck
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Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) by Congorock on Grooveshark

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