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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cake Wars! Heather Dubrow Gets Mad at Sarah Winchester on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 19

So far, Heather Dubrow has kept herself relatively composed during her first season on Real Housewives of Orange County. Whether dealing with bowling party meltdowns or Costa Rican rumbles, she’s still managed to keep her cool. Who would’ve guessed that someone messing with her cake decorations would be the last straw?

In a preview video for Season 7, Episode 19, Heather gets angry at Sarah Winchester, who eats a chunk of her cake’s edible bow before it’s been cut for the Dubrow’s party guests. The cake is fit for a wedding ceremony because the party is being held in honor of Heather’s decision to take her husband’s last name.

Even Terry Dubrow gets a little flustered over the situation, because when Heather confronts an unapologetic Sarah about the mishap, he steps in to say, “It’s sorta not cool a little bit.” How adorable is he?

Tamra Barney, of course, has Heather’s back, calling Sarah’s actions “classless and disgusting.” But when Sarah claims to have a sugar deficiency — despite the abundance of catered appetizers and beverages — Alexis Bellino comes to her friend’s defense. The “I Will Destroy You” look Heather shoots at Alexis is priceless.

Vicki’s opinion? “It’s not a sugar problem you have. It’s an alcohol problem. Quit drinking!”

On her Twitter today, Heather still seemed upset over the incident. “Sarah is not diabetic!” she wrote in response to a fan who wondered about Sarah’s low blood sugar. She also agreed with a user who suggested Sarah just wanted a little extra camera time. Ouch!

Source: Bravo, Twitter

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