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Glee Project Exit Interview: Dani Shay on Justin Bieber Comparisons, What’s Up Next

Ever find yourself thinking that former Glee Project contender Dani Shay sort of looks like Justin Bieber? Yeah, she’s heard that one before. And yes, it does start to get old after awhile.

Yet Dani told Entertainment Weekly in a June 13 interview that she owes a lot to those endless Bieber comparisons. They may be “frustrating,” but they’re not without some benefit.

The 23-year-old Florida girl, who was eliminated from The Glee Project during Season 2, Episode 2: “Dance-ability,” first hit TV screens last year when she appeared on Season 6 of America’s Got Talent. She may have missed out on the chance at a role on Glee, but Dani’s certainly not letting that stop her.

“I’m moving to New York and I’m going to be building my band,” Dani tells EW. But before that, she still has one more big performance in her old city. “I’ve got a huge show coming up in Orlando, my hometown, for my birthday bash/homecoming next Friday. I’m very excited about that. I’ve got some new songs and new music videos in the works.”

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Still, don’t expect her to look exactly the same. Dani recently traded those signature Bieber locks for an edgy new mohawk look, admitting she did get tired of always hearing about the resemblance. “It gets old. Especially knowing I didn’t [...] go out [to] be a Justin Bieber look-alike,” she says.

“[It] can be a little frustrating when it comes down to me wanting to be a performer with my own name and my own vibe and image. We’re so different.”

So what has been good about the comparisons? The Bieber ‘do got people’s attention, but Dani says that if people were willing to “pull back a layer,” they realize, “Oh wait. She’s a little bit different. She sings her own music.

“And then they peel back another layer and realize there is so much more to it,” she says.” This isn’t something I wanted to happen, it just did. And I’m dealing with it every single day.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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