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Dancing With The Stars

Heresy! Cheryl Burke Says Rob Kardashian’s Butt Is “Way Better” Than Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s

Props to Bethenny Frankel for using her new TV talk show, Bethenny, to ask the important questions we all need to have answered. Like this exchange between Bethenny and two-time Dancing With the Stars pro champion Cheryl Burke.

Bethenny: "Who has the best ass of any partner you've ever had?"

Cheryl: "Best ass? I would say, I'd have to go with the Kardashian.” [The audience cheered.] Oh my God, Rob's ass is huge! Something to hold on to."

Bethenny: "I want to know if Maksim's ass is as good as I think it is."

Cheryl: "Eh, Rob's is way better."

Bethenny: "Wow, really? Oh my God, I'm so — I love Maskim's ass."

Obviously that conversation should've continued for the entire show — or maybe turned into a series. But do you really think Rob Kardashian's bum can trump Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Sex on a Stick booty? And what about Gilles Marini or William Levy? Cheryl totally blew off her insanely hot partners in favor of Rob's rump.

Source: Bethenny (via RadarOnline)

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