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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Stalkers: People Who Just Can’t Leave the Cast Alone

The recent reappearance of Pauly D's stalker, Vanessa, in Seaside Heights has made us reflect on all the people who just can't seem to leave the Jersey Shore cast alone.

So, for fun, here's a rundown of the exes, stalkers, and other wannabes who can't seem to quit the cast.

Danielle, Pauly D stalker number one: Danielle was the Israeli girl who gave Pauly D an "I Heart Jewish Girls" t-shirt back in Season 1, and reappeared in Season 3, much to his chagrin. (Though, for what it's worth
, her side of the story is that he pursued her, first.)

Vanessa, Pauly D stalker number two: Danielle hasn't been seen for a few seasons, but that's okay, because Vanessa showed up to fill her shoes in Season 5. Vanessa, who makes a habit of getting her pic taken with celebs, seemed to be constantly hanging around the Shore Store waiting for Pauly last summer. We're guessing there will be more of the same this year.

Emilio Masella: Snooki's ex, Emilio Masella, just can't seem to get her out of his head — or maybe he just misses the spotlight. Either way, he spends a lot of time on Twitter commenting on Jersey Shore, and came out with some truly disgusting statements when he found out he was pregnant. Dear Emilio: Move on.

Angelina: To be fair to Angelina, she's way less Jersey Shore obsessed than she could be. Still, her brief appearance on Season 5 left us baffled, and the fact that she agreed to be on the show again, even for a cameo, reeks of desperation.

Catch the premiere of Snooki and JWOWW’s new spin-off on Thursday, June 21 on MTV.

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06.14.2012 / 02:10 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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