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Jersey Shore

Pregnant Snooki: There’s “No Way In Hell I’m Wearing a Bathing Suit” (VIDEO)

Snooki is now in the midst of filming Jersey Shore Season 6, but before she disappeared into her Shore House-adjacent reality TV summer home, she took The Insider along on a pregnancy clothes shopping trip.

We say "pregnancy clothes" because, in this video interview, Snooks makes it clear that she is not buying herself true maternity clothing unless she gets "too big," in which case she "might wear a couple maternity clothes." Nope, she's sticking to the regular stuff, and she isn't worried about staying stylish (she's done a good job so far!). Once the baby bump grows she'll just move on to the plus-sized departments, "and they always have amazing clothes."

As for how she's managed to stay so relatively fit with a baby on the way, she explains that she eats a lot of fruit and tries to have "somewhat of a healthy eating habit," though she adds that "indulging in brownies and cookies is actually really good for the baby. Like, the sugars are kind of good sometimes, but not all the time."

However, despite Snooki's healthy eating habits, "there's no way in hell [she's] wearing a bathing suit." She explains, "I am a whale right now, and no one wants to see a pregnant lady in a bathing suit."

For more from Snooki, check out the whole interview below.

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Catch the premiere of Snooki and JWOWW’s new spin-off on Thursday, June 21 on MTV.

Source: The Insider

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