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Bones Season 8 Spoilers: Premiere to Feature “Cliffhanger” — Plus, Where’s Pelant?

Despite David Boreanaz (Agent Seeley Booth)’s ability to scare the bejesus out of us on Twitter, Bones creator Hart Hanson insists Season 8 is not the series’ end. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hart alleviates our show separation anxiety — and spills a few juicy tidbits about the Season 8 premiere.

When we left our beloved B&B in the finale, murderer Christopher Pelant succeeded in framing Brennan (Emily Deschanel) for a horrific crime — so she skipped town with baby Christine, leaving Booth heartbroken and alone. While we spend all summer anxious about the future of B&B’s relationship, Hart sheds light on whether we’ll see Pelant get what’s coming to him.

At the beginning of the episode, Hart says Pelant is “free and thriving” — but that things don’t end there. “The end of the first episode could be a cliffhanger in its own way. This story is giving us a lot of mileage,” Hanson says. “I’m knockin’ on wood because we haven’t written it yet, but I think it might be our best season opener.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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