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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard and Michelle Money Angry About “BS” Bachelor Pad 3 Casting

Hell hath no fury like one woman scorned of a win on the last season of Bachelor Pad — and another whose daughter was compared to the stuff airports are always losing.

The cast of Bachelor Pad Season 3 was revealed earlier today and while we were busy wondering what the eff the Jersey Shore twins were doing on our turf, Michelle Money and Emily Maynard were upset about other things. Long story short, Michelle thinks it's BS that Michael Stagliano will be on BP3 after winning BP2 over herself and Graham Bunn, and Bachelorette Emily wants to stab her eyeballs out because the recent recipient of her “get the f--k out” award, Kalon McMahon, has had his 15 minutes extended.

Here’s what Michelle tweeted to start things off: “So I just read who the cast of BP3 is....and...I honestly don't remember half of them but my big question is how do you feel about Michael Stagliano going back??” Emily replied, “@MoneyMichelle not watching. The fact Kalon will ever be on any tv again makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with dull pencils. Too much?”

Michelle shared someone else’s note, “:/’@asghori: @MoneyMichelle i dont care if hes there to find love! Be like the rest of us and find love in the REAL WORLD.Ur Turns over bud.’” Then added herself, “Coming from the team that lost to Stagliano in the finals last year-I think it's BS. Do I blame him for going back on? No. Does it make me cringe? Yes.”

How do you feel about Michael and Kalon going on the show? Michael is a pretty popular guy, but he’s now the Gia Allemand of Season 3. Will he fare better? And Kalon? Kalon was the “villain” of Emily’s Bachelorette Season 8 because he wasn’t that into Emily, he wasn’t that into being a stepdad, and he was even less interested in shutting his mouth. But that probably makes him perfect for BP3, since he’ll be surrounded by people ready to put him in his place.

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