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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita Questions Whether She Ever Knew the Real Teresa Giudice, Calls Her a Narcissist

For weeks now, we have been watching the friendship between Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice grow more and more strained, and as the season progresses, it’s clear that Jacqueline is getting closer to her breaking point.

In her latest blog, Jacqueline writes about how she questioned if she ever even knew Teresa after Teresa refused to take any of her advice.

Jacqueline writes, “I was getting confused on whether or not I really ever knew the real Teresa, and if I had at one point in time, I wondered if she would ever be real with me again.”

Now, it certainly sounds like there is no love lost between the former friends. “I know Teresa is under the assumption that everyone is jealous of her, but I can't blame her, that is how all narcissists think. The reality is I'd choose my life and who I am as a person over her life and who she is any day,” Jacqueline continues.

Ultimately, Jacqueline feels like a radical change in Teresa’s personality lead to the demise of their friendship.

“I started seeing a different side to Teresa that I didn't respect. She was doing and saying some pretty ugly things,” Jac says. “I really wanted my friend back. I missed her. I needed her. I wanted the fun loving Teresa that wasn't self-absorbed or consumed with ‘keeping up with the Gorgas’ and trying to surpass them at all costs.”

Unfortunately, Jacqueline says that this Sunday’s episode of RHoNJ is a real turning point for her and Teresa’s relationship, and not in a good way.