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Jersey Shore

Snooki & JWOWW Devise Plan to Create “SnookWOWW Babies” (VIDEO)

Snooki and JWOWW have come up with a master plan to take over the world, guido-style. In this sneak peek of the BFFs’ upcoming spin-off, Snooki & JWOWW, they talk about babies, the future, and bad moods.

Their plan is for JWOWW’s first child with Roger to be a boy, and for Snooki’s second child to be a girl. Then, JWOWW’s son and Snooki’s daughter can get married, and have their very own “SnookWOWW” baby.

Why should Snooks have the girl? She explains that it’s because “me and Jionni are like five foot,” and that way the girl can be appropriately shorter than JWOWW’s tall son. Although, we could easily see Snooki’s unborn son turning out to be the suitor for JWOWW’s unborn daughter in the future, too. Basically, we want to see a SnookWOWW baby, no matter who mates with who!

Check out the clip below.

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Catch the premiere of Snooki and JWOWW’s new spin-off on Thursday, June 21 on MTV.

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