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Dancing With The Stars

Tristan MacManus: My DWTS Game Avatar Is Hotter and Has More Muscles Than Me

Pro dancer Kym Johnson was asked to choreograph the dance moves for the Dancing With the Stars: Keep Dancing online game — and like the smart lady she is, she asked DWTS pro Tristan MacManus to be her partner for the motion capture experience.

TeamDWTS had a Q&A with Tristan on the Keep Dancing game site, and they mentioned that his avatar, the most requested by fans, is now (finally) available. They asked how he thinks it looks and if he’ll be taking mini-Tristan for a spin.

“It’s nice to know I’m wanted!” Tristan told the site. “I’ve seen the avatar and it’s great. It’s funny when people take your features and build a video game character for you just like when you see a portrait or cartoon of yourself. The avatar is probably better-looking than me and maybe has a few more muscles. I just can’t have an excuse for the dance moves because they are mine!”

Oh Tristan. Always so humble. Obviously nothing is better-looking than Tris is real life, with the real accent and real … everything else. But we’ll take what we can get.

Speaking of what we can get from Tristan — he’s not sure that new pros like himself will even have a place on the DWTS All-Stars season coming up this fall. “There have been so many amazing professionals on the show since Season 1 that there may not necessarily be room for the 'newbie’ dancers! We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

Since Tristan was the male pro chosen by fans for the Season 14 Design a Dance and his game avatar was the most requested by fans, The Powers That Be must know by now that this Irish Lucky Charm is a one-man pot of gold and it wouldn’t be a real All-Stars season without him.


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